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Welcome to the Stocksbridge Town Council website.

Stocksbridge is a small town situated approximately 10 miles north of the City of Sheffield, nestling at the edge of the Pennines and the Peak District National Park and is the home of Liberty Steels, the British manufacturer for Aerospace Steels products.


The new ethical framework for Local Authorities which became fully operational on 5th May 2002 is an integral part of the Government's modernisation agenda and is intended to help ensure high standards of conduct in local government.

All authorities have a responsibility for their own standards of conduct. All except Parish/Town Councils are required to establish their own Standards Committee. In the case of Stocksbridge Town Council the Standards Committee of Sheffield City Council act on their behalf. The 3 Parish/Town Councils in the Sheffield area, namely, Stocksbridge, Ecclesfield and Bradfield, have a Parish/Town Councillor representative on this Committee.

All authorities were required to adopt a Members' Code of Conduct, consistent with a model approved by Parliament. Following their election, all Councillors are required to give a written declaration that they will duly and faithfully fulfil the requirements of the role of Councillor according to the best of their judgement and ability.

All Members of Stocksbridge Town Council subscribe to this Code as adopted at the meeting held on 8th April 2021.

For complaints regarding Town Councillors the following Councillor Complaints Procedure is in place:-