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Welcome to the Stocksbridge Town Council website.

Stocksbridge is a small town situated approximately 10 miles north of the City of Sheffield, nestling at the edge of the Pennines and the Peak District National Park and is the home of Liberty Steels, the British manufacturer for Aerospace Steels products.



The Town Council is not a planning authority and as such does not make final decisions on planning applications, this is the responsibility of Sheffield City Council. However the Town Council is a statutory consultee and as such receives a copy, including plans, of all planning applications relating to the parish for comments.

​The current planning applications can be viewed only* at the Town Council office, Town Hall, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of

10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. Planning applications are presented at Town Council meetings which are held on the second Thursday of each month, except during August.

​Listed below are the most recent planning applications relating to the area and any comments made by the Town Council and any decisions made by the Sheffield Planning and Highways Committee of Sheffield City Council. Please be aware that it can be some months before the Town Council are notified about Sheffield City Council decisions.


CIL is a levy allowing local authorities to raise funds from owners or developers of land undertaking new building projects in their area. CIL legislation requires 15% of CIL receipts are to be allocated to the local area it was collected from. Where there is a local Council this is passed directly to that Council. Therefore Stocksbridge Town Council will receive 15% of CIL receipts generated from developments within Stocksbridge, Deepcar and Bolsterstone. Sheffield City Council collect CIL as a Planning authority and pass on to the Town Council. The Town Council have set a list of spending priorities on which to expend the CIL receipts, all of which will be for community benefit. The spending priorities are as follows:-

Environmental Projects

Access Works

Road Safety Measures

Recreational Facility Improvements​

The Town Council have decided to commence a Participatory Budgeting scheme and to utilise the CIL funding it receives for this scheme. More information can be found on the Participatory Budgeting Scheme page

CIL leglislation requires the production of an Annual Report by Councils either collecting or in receipt of CIL funding. See below for Stocksbridge Town Council's Annual Report. For further information on CIL for the whole City view Sheffield City Council's website on the Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL Annual Report 2021/22

CIL Annual Report 2020/21

CIL Annual Report 2019/20

*We are unable to make copies of plans due to copyright law, however, copies can be obtained from Sheffield City Council Planning Department, Howden House, Union Street, Sheffield. Planning applications can also be viewed online at


  • FUL = Full Planning Application
  • OUT = Outline Planning Application
  • LBC = Listed Building Application
  • CHU = Change of Use Application
  • ADV = Advertisement Consent Application
  • TPC = Tree Consent Application
  • NP/S = Peak District National Park Authority Application

Planning Applications:

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