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Each year the Town Council award grants to many projects to assist local groups in the area. Any group which holds a constitution and serves the residents of Stocksbridge, Deepcar and Bolsterstone is eligible to apply for a grant.


Any groups wishing to apply for a grant will need to make reference to the Town Council's grants policy and complete a grant application form. Both documents can be downloaded via the links below or a copy obtained from the office.

The Town Council also have an arrangement with Sheffield Community Transport to provide a minibus and driver to groups for outings. ​ Groups can apply to the Town Council for a transport grant of up to £300.00 per annum. Once again details of the group, a copy of its constitution and a set of accounts is reqwauired by the Town Council. ​

The Town Council are also part of the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership Community Grant Scheme. More details about this funding source can be found here

Grant Application Form

Grant Policy and Guidelines​

In 2005 the Town Council launched a Citizens Award Scheme whereby local residents are nominated for their services to the community. Details of recent winners are posted on this site. If you wish to nominate a person/group or see winners from previous years please contact the office.


As a thank you to all the teachers, staff and children for their continued hard work and efforts during the Covid Pandemic the Town Council has​ awarded each of the 6 schools in the area £100 of book tokens.

The Mayor, Cllr. Richard Crowther and Deputy Mayor Cllr. Joseph Staniforth had the pleasure of presenting the tokens to each school.

​Deepcar St John's Junior School

Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School

Stocksbridge Junior School

The Annual Awards for 2021 were awarded to staff at both Valley Medical Centre and Deepcar Medical Centre for their hardwork during the pandemic. Katy Travis and Lee Hible for co-ordinating all the local people who volunteered during the pandemic and Stocksbridge Community Care Group for keeping in contact with residents/vulnerable people during the pandemic.

The Mayor, Cllr. Richard Crowther had the honour of visiting each location to hand over a certificate and plaque to note the award and what it represented.

Staff at Deepcar Medical Centre

Staff at Valley Medical Centre

​Stocksbridge Community Care Group

The Annual Citizens Awards for 2020 were awarded to 4 worthy winners, presentation of these awards being delayed due to Covid restrictions:-

Mandy Aitken as recognition for all the hard work for children and youths (5-18 year olds) of Stocksbridge and Deepcar with Steel Valley Beacon Arts

Veronica and Ray Hawley as recognition for their tireless work in providing a much needed Food Bank service to residents in the area

Trevor Fletcher and staff at Crown Cars Garage as recognition for outstanding efforts on behalf of the community during the recent flooding events, saving many households from flood damage due to prompt actions with the provision of flood defenses

Mrs Susan Davis, Mealtime Supervisor, Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School as recognition for over 36 years service, ensuring that dinner times run smoothly, knowing all the children and their little idiosyncrasies, working together with umpteen different mealtime supervisors, staff and headteachers and being a true team player supporting colleagues both in and out of school

Citizens Award - Past Winners

Grants awarded during the financial year 2021/2022 are listed below:-

Steel Valley Beacon Arts700.00
Strideout Stocksbridge Running Club500.00
Royal British Legion60.00

A grant of £60 was awarded to the Royal British Legion for the purchase of a Rowan tree to be planted in the Clock Tower Gardens to mark the 100th Anniversary of The Royal British Legion 1921-2021.

A grant of £500 was awarded to Strideout Stocksbridge Running Club for assistance towards the training of run leaders and equipment.

A grant of £700 was awarded to Steel Valley Beacon Arts towards the performance of radio plays via Zoom and YouTube.

Grants awarded during the financial year 2020/2021 are listed below:-

Valley Music Festival550.00
Stocksbridge Christian Centre Lunch Club300.00
Stocksbridge & District History Society580.00
STEP Development Trust2000.00
Deepcar Village Community Association1000.00
Smithymoor Community Association 1000.00
Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School 500.00

A grant of £500 was awarded to Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School towards a greenhouse for use as part of the Forest School learning.

A grant of £1,000 was awarded to Smithymoor Community Association as funding towards a new kitchen facility.

A grant of £1,000 was awarded to Deepcar Village Community Association as funding towards replacement of the flooring in Deepcar Village Hall.

A grant of £2,000 was awarded to STEP Development Trust as funding towards a celebration event for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, open to all local residents.

A grant of £580 was awarded to Stocksbridge History Society for funding assistance towards the purchase of micro polyester sleeves to house the map collection held by the Society.

A transport grant of £300 was awarded to Stocksbridge Christian Centre Lunch Club for assistance with community transport costs for members attending the Lunch Club.

A grant of £550 was awarded to Valley Music Festival for funding assistance towards this year's Valley Music Festival Event.