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Following the success of the 2019 event​ the Town Council have provided funding of £60,000 for an event held on 11th October 2022. 11 groups presented their projects to over 200 members of the public. Attendees voted after the presentations. 6 of the 11 groups received full funding towards their project, the 7th place are to be awarded the balance, which will be released once the remaining funding has been sought.

Full results can be found on the link below​

Participatory Budget Event Results 2022

At the Town Council meeting held on 10th November cheques were presented to Friends of Fox Glen Park, Garden Village Community Association, Stocksbridge 3rd Scouts Group, Early STEPS Nursery, Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre and Steel Valley Beacon Arts. The remainder of funding to Christ Church will be released once they have the balance of funds required for their project in place.

1st place - Friends of Fox Glen Park - £20,000

2nd place - Garden Village Community Association - £2,112

3rd place - Stocksbridge 3rd Scouts Group - £20,000

4th place - Early STEPS Nursery - £4,000

5th place - Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre - £9,805

6th place - Steel Valley Beacon Arts - £2,000

Stocksbridge Town Council receive income from Sheffield City Council which is derived from planning developments in the area, this is known as Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

CIL is levied on new developments to fund infrastructure provision and is implemented by local planning authorities. Legislation requires that 15% of CIL collected within the local area is to be retained in that area to be spent on projects that benefit the local community. This is the element of CIL that the Town Council receive.

CIL regulations state that it has to be spent on:- The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure or anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area.

The Town Council have determined four Spending Priorities as the criteria for CIL expenditure, these being:-

Environmental Projects

Access Works

Road Safety Measures

Recreational Facility Improvements

The Town Council would like the community to be involved in expenditure of CIL and have therefore implemented a Participatory Budgeting scheme for this purpose. Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a process which allows members of a community to participate in making spending decisions about local things that affect them. The process allows for community groups to submit bids for projects that fit the criteria and for the community to vote on their preferred project. The winner(s) are decided by which project(s) receive the majority of the votes.

A PB Task Group has been set up to administer the scheme. This group includes representatives covering various sectors of the Town Council area including, rural, recreational, elderly and the community as a whole. It comprises of the following:-

Chairman, Barbara Horsman Stocksbridge Community Forum

Andy Clarke, Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre

Alan Rodgers, Bolsterstone Community Group

Sylvia Parry, 50plus Group

3 Town Councillors